Expanded Movie

An experimental anamorphic film with optically squashed and squeezed images which raises some questions about the perception of shapes. From the longest cow to the shortest car, the film contains bizarre and sometimes hilarious images. It weaves a path between home, street and playground, finally meeting with its own musical ending.

The Phoenix Lights - Beyond Top Secret - Expanded and Updated 2018

Considered the best documentary ever produced on one of the greatest UFO events in modern history, The Phoenix Lights. Loaded with expert testimony and many of the best UFO Investigators in the world today. This UFO event was seen by over 10,000 eyewitnesses including the Governor of Arizona and tracked on military radar. This event is proof that there is an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Gachi-Ban Expanded 2013

Monji, the proud 20 year old school uniform wearing Yankee gang leader, is invited to Tokyo by a member of a Yakuza gang. Trouble happens, a fight breaks out and Monji inadvertently stabs the younger brother of the Yakuza boss. Fearing his life Monji runs, however Yakuza underlining Satake (Endo Yuya) wants to impress and captures Monji, dragging Monji’s body in front of his bosses. Monji is then handcuffed and tortured. Can he survive.

Darwin's Brave New World 2009

Darwin's Brave New World is a three-part drama-documentary TV series about Charles Darwin's evolution by means of natural selection. It uses reconstruction with present day documentary between the 19th century and present day. The series was developed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's On the Origin of Species. It was produced with the assistance of the Canadian Television Fund in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Produced in association with the New South Wales Film and Television Office. It screened on ABC Australia in November 2009, and on CBC as part of the show The Nature of Things in November 2009. DARWIN'S BRAVE NEW WORLD:  EXPANDED EDITION The Expanded Edition of Darwin’s Brave New World is the basis of the Arte/ZDF version as shown in France and Germany. This edition features extended interview segments with scientific contributors. The episodes also include drama sequences not seen by North American audiences. The Expanded Edition is the definitive version of the miniseries about how the Southern Hemisphere inspired the most controversial idea in science.