The Administration of Glory 2014

A shooting ritual is held in a ballroom. Then leads to 5 stories of different kinds of "stealing". A office worker steals an ancient divine sword. Two mask-men steal the office worker's car. A scientist steals people's mind by his supernatural power experimentation. A loser steal other's wine.

Petta 2019

A hostel warden becomes the target of a dreaded politician and his gangster son, but little do they realise that it is they who should fear him.

The Martin Administration 2002

Martin is going on a blinddate and in his internal government the ministers are preparing for a routine State visit. But then Nora is revealed and tactics need to be changed. Fast! Nora is not interested in foreign political smalltalk, she is after government secrets. The ridiculed Home Secretary is slowly coming to life, but in his way stands a paranoid Defense Secretary. Only a coup can save Martin now!

Administrators 2006

"How can I help you?" Fire in the administrative forest. Rabbit Egor's house is burning down. Egor asks for a fire extinguisher. He is sent from pillar to post...

Black Sabbath: California Jam 1974

Black Sabbath's concert appearance at the California Jam Festival is widely considered to be one of their best ever live concert recordings. This legendary gig, televised by ABC-TV in prime time, features renditions of War Pigs, Killing Yourself to Live, Paranoid, and Children of the Grave.

Saturday Night Live: A Tribute to Chris Farley 2000

Chris Farley was one of the most popular comedians of the 1990s, thanks to his hilarious skits on "Saturday Night Live," which featured Matt Foley, everyone's favorite motivational speaker, the Chippendales dancer (alongside Patrick Swayze) and more. This program pays proper homage to Farley, who was an "SNL" cast member starting in the spring of 1990, with numerous clips and exclusive backstage footage.

Court Business Administration 1956

Outlines the basic requirements necessary for effective court administration which is equally applicable to one-judge or multiple-judge courts and illustrates principles of sound business practices. Lists adequate courtroom facilities and stresses the need for competent clerical help and clerk attaches. Enumerates the merits of combination traffic ticket and complaint. Encourages the establishing of an accurate system of accountability of complaints. Advocates the establishment of traffic violations bureau where clerical assistants could handle non-moving and non-hazardous viloations.

NASA: A Space Odyssey Vol. 1 2001

This is the story of the National Aeronautic Space Administration from the first Gemini mission to the space shuttle - a race for space which became the pinnacle of human achievement in the 20th century. From the incredible rescue of Apollo 13 to routine satellite launches from the space shuttle, come with us on a journey through history to distant galaxies, black holes and the origin of the universe itself.

NASA: A Space Odyssey Vol. 2 2001

Chronicles the story of NASA. From the legacy of Gemini and those first breathtaking walks in space to playing golf on the moon and to everyday life in space where little things can present the most amusing problems -- like eating breakfast!

NASA: A Space Odyssey Vol. 3 2001

What if other life was out there? Join us as we try to answer that most-asked question.l With millions of stars the possibility is more than that, it is a very high probability! Follow Pioneer 10 as is flies by our largest planet, the massive giant Jupiter, and learn the message Pioneer 10 carries as it leaves our solar system.. just in case!

The Board 2006

Ten years after hanging their diploma on the wall, four friends who graduated together from a business management school reach a conclusion: while they believed that their academic training would be the corner stone of their lives, that is not the case.